Meet Single Filipino Girls in USA of America

Nowadays you can meet single Filipino girls in America by using free Philippines dating services. To tell you the truth, you are on the right track of meeting the best woman whom you can share your life with and raise a perfect family with. The best place to find such ladies is the online Philippine dating sites. Yes, you can search for them at classified ads like Craigslist or social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. However, you will not get the same results as you would when you use the Filipino dating sites. There are some reasons as below.

Philippines mail order bridesYou will start contacting and communicating immediately at a Philippines dating service. You don’t waste your time using other classified ads or social networking services. If you like someone at a Filipino dating site, then you can drop her a message right away. You can contact as many Philippines girls as you like. You can see thousands of beautiful Filipino girls online before you contact. Of course, it is recommended you read each female profile in detailed before you drop her a message. Beauty is not as important as personality.

Filipino Americans (Fil-Ams or Pinoy)

Filipino Americans (Pilipino Amerikano)

Filipino Americans (Pilipino Amerikano)

Let’s talk about Filipino Americans (Tagalog: Pilipino Amerikano) are people who came to the United States of America since 1926. There are more than 3 million Filipino American people or over 1% of total U.S. population. After Chinese Americans, they are the second largest Asian people in America. Pinoy are Fil-Ams who live in the US, who are different from Filipinos living in the Philippines. In the 16th century, there are a small group of Filipinos in North America. In the early 20th century, there are mass migration of Filipinos in America, when the Philippines was ceded by Spain to the United States in the Treaty of Paris. Significant populations of Filipino Americans can be found in California, Hawaii, the New York metropolitan area and New Jersey, Illinois, and Texas. (Source:

When Filipino Americans lived in the US for a long time, the first generations work so hard, and the second and third generations gained many benefits of becoming successful people, which contributed their success in this great country. The third generation usually don’t speak their original language or Tagalog but speak English only. However, they still keep their cultural values and norms, which is a great thing. Most of them are trained since the young age about how to be a good housewife. Filipina Americans get married with native Americans and other races. They don’t care about race anymore. They could marry any race they love. So do Pinoy. Many of these Filipino American men signed up at the online dating sites to find local single women back home in the Philippines. These men are those who prefer to marry traditional Filipina women.

There are many single Filipino girls in US who signed up at online dating services. The availability of the internet will help you a beautiful Filipina lady online. It is very comfortable to sit at home and search for Filipino ladies online. It takes a few minutes to register a personal profile, search for Filipina girls in America, and contact them. Dating and marrying a Filipino lady is the dream of thousands of men in this country.

There are also other Asian women in the United States, why do single men choose Philippines girls in USA for dating and marriage? They are the most popular Asian women in the West. Period.

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26 thoughts on “Meet Single Filipino Girls in USA of America

  1. There are many Filipino girls in US looking for marriage. However, most of them are seeking Filipino American men only. I live in Manila Philippines so I don’t stand a chance.

  2. I would like to leave just a comment regarding online dating mostly the phillipine dating sites but this pewrtains to many more also.
    For three years I have been seeking to bring girl here to USA for marriage in this time I have met so many fake girls using fake pictures different names and so on ,yes so many not have computers but to use the cyber cafes they must make the most of there time , this means logging onto as many sites as possible all at the same time,chatting to as many guys as possible all at the same time and lieing to as many guys as possible all at the same time,granted not all do this but 75% are taking your money under false pretense I have never heard so many excuses and so many problems that anyone person can have.
    I think when a another guy contacted me and told me truth abut this certain pinay he said it best (They learn from a very young age what to say and how to say it in order to get money out of your pocket ) and I agree it seems the spread what things to say because so many use the very same problem excuses over and over , the dating sites are full of girls using others pics and using god name to make you believe what they say. I still hope I find a real pinay to marry but now I m much wiser after loosing $14,000.00 dollars in three years of searching

    • Yes… it is lots of fake people online and off…. This is how the world is. But learn how to be more professional in spotting them.
      1. If every picture is always too perfect, this is you first sign but still talk to them.
      2. Quickly say, I want to see you. And ask them how can I see you? If they ask you to send money for a cam, you are almost there. Then try to send them a cheep cam….. no money but try to send cam.
      3. Ask for some all things in their pics. Peace sign, feet, anything that is not a normal thing.

      And I though if these on my own so I know you can thing of some things.

  3. If I was you, then I didn’t loose money. Love is supposed to be free. Don’t spend money on her until you completely trusted her. I saw many American men married Filipino girls and lived happily in LA California. Thanks.

    • tom good day to you! i am single never been married and came from the seminary and unfortunately never had the chance to become a priest. anyway, right now i am engaged in real estate business and hoping you could help me find a single american woman for me. i am 42 years old five foot nine inches tall living in the Philippines. i hope that you can help me find my one true love. thank you.

  4. I love Asian women and I am looking for a sweet girl with a heart who can hang with me in the music industry. I live in the Palm Springs area and have a house. I need a woman’s touch to complete the picture.

  5. Hello, I am searching for a wife. Please make no mistake, I am serious and since God took my wife who had cancer. I am lonely. I miss the loving, cuddling and the touching. Now this does not mean sex. that is something else. That is physical. I’m talking about loving. Not sex. and yes, I love my sex too. Normal sex between a man and his wife and only between them.

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  7. Well I met this young pinay through a relative already living in the USA she introduced us I looked her up on Facebook we got to know each other I flew to her country and married her and boy that was a big mistake when she CE to the USA she changed completely found out it was a scam and now she is living with someone else I took care of her and her family for four years o flew there three times and this is what o got in return some pinays are honest some are not you just got to be careful because some will use you just to get out of the country.
    I got scam and it was marriage fraud but one day I will findy true Asian queen.

  8. Just stay away from thais and filipinas. It´s all about money. Try Vietnamese or Korean, where you find the most honest and beautiful women!

    • hi im a filipina but i agree with you manu of the girls who joining a dating website just want to get out of their country but i think when someone already trusted you and love you its enough to love him back and give what he deserve many filipina is a user just try not to get fooled.

  9. Mine is very different. Ive been to college in the philippines, lived in europe for a while (my husband stalked me on facebook for a while ,wooed me then married me. He is in the military and stationed in europe). I followed him there, reached 2 years mark of being married, went back to the states for another duty station and christmas time comes this 2014.. He tricked me into sending me back to philippines for a supposed visit to my family christmas and just message me recently he wont buy me a return ticket to the u.s . Im a permanent residence. I felt so stupid. I was emotionally depressed because he never help me adjust to foreign life when i was there. I was in depressed mode and he used it against me after i return here why he wants me to stay here for a while when in fact if he did not emotionally buffed me hen i was there i would be okay.

    I never join any dating site, im educated in my country. I even work inside the base in germany to help off set the cost. It breaks my heart to pathom that the harsh reality is, people looked down to us filipinas because of the reasons stated above but there are other stories like mine. My husband was my first foreign friend ,boyfriend and i married him. I never looked for one but he showed up in my doorstep, swept me off my feet and threw me like im just a thing. I guess mine is a different story.

  10. i am a single dad and want to try this site with believe that i can meet a real Filipino woman that i will spend the rest of my life with..i have been hearing about the woman come from Philippine and now i want to meet them and know the truth of what have been hearing may God make it easy for me in my serch

  11. I like this site .. Im a white male at sixty non drinking non smoking some say handsome, divorced two kids growed up doing well. I need a friend and possibly much more. I have a small business selling and repairing computers from my home. I am not rich but, can support myself well enough. I want to purchase a travel home and and check out other places abit. I have a few minor health issues from extreme hard work when I was younger. But, they say I am pretty tough I can still ride my Honda trike I built it myself but, I can not ride a wild horse very far. If you want to be a lady computer partner age 25 to 45 wanting to learn everything about computers, I’m your guy. Lots to tell if interested in knowing more its easy just call me in S. Dak you must be in the USA and willing to travel here or meet some place near. I can send pics. Do not try to scam me, I won’t go there easily. So, if you are serious and want to talk call me at my small town computer shop phone Dayel. 605-932-3772 or email drice PS. I love children but, do not wish to raise any more rite now.
    hope to here from you soon….

  12. Hi im one of the lucky ones married to a beautiful Filipina for 12 years if you find your beautiful wife or want to look for one I have a poultry farm in Mindanao, Cagayan de oro for sale with 3 bedroom house currently rented for 50,000 php per month very safe area 3.2km from the hiway,beach resorts ,restaurants,15 minutes drive from new airport 12million php neg contasct us on

  13. I love Asian women and I am looking for a sweet girl with a heart who can hang with me in the music industry. I live in the Palm Springs area and have a house. I need a woman’s touch to complete the picture.

  14. My name is Anthony I’m looking for love and companionship that will lead to marriage. Looking for Filipino women 18 to 35 years old that lives in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area only. I’m a business owner who is not into games. Thanks

  15. add me on facebook so you know im real :) im looking for a serious guy im 24 filipina i have 2daughters im looking for a guy who can accwpt my children and make me happy not a guy who will support my kids because many guys thinks if a girl is a single mom we are looking for a guy who will support our kids financially but thats not it were just lonely and we deserve to be happy right? so if ur interested feel free to add me ok . have a great day godbless

  16. Hi..
    I am jana..27 yo. I am singlemom…i am currently in malaysia workin as a helper and i take good care 2 old person.
    Looking for a man that can be trusted and share life together..
    I am happy with what im doing now but still one thing is missing….a person to be with until u grow older…interested to know me or want to be friends can chat me on skype..janalance88….
    No matter how tough life ill never give up because i still believe in hope…

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