Why do Single American Men Prefer Filipino Women for Dating?

In this modern century, it is common to see many American men prefer Filipino women for dating and marriage in the United States. When you walk on street, it is not unusual to see a white man with a Filipino woman walking hands in hands lovingly. Even though it is a common thing to see such couples but some people still wander why white men or black men like these Filipino ladies. Here are some reasons:

Philippines girls

Philippines girls

Filipino women are different from Native American women in many different respects. Some of them came to America with their parents and some were born here. They have been trained by their parents, grandparents with the traditional family values. Filipino ladies who live in USA usually stay with their parents until they get married. These girls have the family values such as respecting parents and the elders. When a Filipino woman dates a guy, she always want a lifeterm relationship, not just a short-term date. In terms of marriage, Filipino girls consider it as a life-long commitment.

Single American men prefer Filipino women for dating or even marriage is because they have excellent characteristics and personalities. Some of the best characteristics are being including patient, understanding, generous, caring, and supportive. A Filipino lady respect her husband and let him leads the family. There is usually no violence between a Filipino wife and an American husband. When the husband gets angry, the wife usually calms down and to be submissive to him.

Another reason that most of American men like Filipino girls is the housework that these lady can do. Since the young age, a Filipino girl was taught to do house errands and how to manage the house. According to international countries like Asia, this type of work is considered as the wives’ duties so every girl must know how to do it. When you marry a Filipino wife, you will become “the man” of the house. She will cook delicious daily meals, wash and iron your clothes, and ensure that a well-organized house every day.

Filipina lady and American men in the Philippines

Filipina lady and American men in the Philippines

Filipino women are very loyal to their husbands. A Filipino girl is usually viewed as a martyr in the family because she is quiet when she is suffering. In other words, she does not want her parents or other relatives think bad about her own family. Most of Filipino girls want the parents and relatives think good about their own family. Another good characteristic of a Filipina lady is that she always put her husband and children on the top priorities.

In terms of handling money, Filipino women are the best ones. They can choose the cheapest yet best quality products.

We only listed here some reasons why single American men looking for Filipino women for dating and marriage.

If you’re looking for a Filipino girlfriend or wife, then go for Philippines girls. You will become “the man” of the house.

Author: Jenny LamJenny Lam
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12 thoughts on “Why do Single American Men Prefer Filipino Women for Dating?

  1. I think American men prefer Filipino girls for marriage, not dating. Because most Filipino women are honest and loyal to their husbands. They are a model wife of men.

  2. You must admit the truth that not all Filipino girls prefer to get married with American men. Only some of Filipino women seeking American men is because they want to change their poor life condition for a better one.

  3. well, i agree filipina are really nice to be wife, i have american husband, we love each other a lot and i proven that if you are honest and loyal they do the same..But sometimes when we go out everyone is staring because my husband are older than me maybe 19yrs gap, i know what they are thinking.. but proudly to say i am professional computer programmer so i am not for money.. and the looks hmmm i’m average..

  4. iv dated. white men.been there, done that..been offered marriage 5x.engaged once but broke it off for what i believed was wrong in God’s eyes. I have filipino suitors but i dunno why im not attracted to them.maybe it’s because i wanna have cute babies haha and not because i want a ticket to wonderland.if that’s what im after of, i can make it happen anytime i want but i dont wanna live a miserable life being with someone u dnt really fancy.sex wouldnt be as enjoyable as it should be.ther r things that ambitions and money cnt buy. . .speaking frm my experience.

  5. not all filipina are honest and loyal
    theyre just humans same with the other girls who commit mistakes through their weaknesses
    esp.when they found another guy more eexciting than thier husband ooooohhhh tuksoooo layuan mo akoooo…..

  6. What filipina wives most important asset they bring to the american marriage is a stable family relationship. I believe the divorce rate is lower than average. My wife does not cook well or sew. But the traditional marriage setup described in the article is correct.

  7. I had a very successful career in the Philippines before I meet my American husband. I don’t think that its all about green card when in fact I have a hard time looking for job in America and my family didn’t care about being here. What women want is sincerity, love and security. A lot of Filipino men all they can give is love. But sincerity? about only 90% of them would like to really go for it. How about security? Hmmm,hard to find that in most Filipino men. They might have a job but that is not enough. A lot of Filipino women are competitive and making more money than them. Stop and think that not all American men are rich or extremely rich but they are very romantic, passionate, sincere and very loyal which a lot of women are dying to have in a man.

  8. I cannot believe what I am reading here !! Wow people really see what is convenient . I have 4 Filipino friends as I see in they, they always are looking guys with money. A lot of them are married with old guy because of money!! 3 of them are very promiscuous, but very smart to do it!!.. All the time when they have problems with they boyfriends they go and sleep with their exes, no one varios!! Be aware because they love to be in contact with their ex!!! Difficult to cach them.. 2 of them abandom their kids in Filiphins just because they want a milloner!!.. This girls sells theydelves for money!! They are very lazy, they have sex for money and in the side the have they beloved boyfriend.. They are stremily good in cheating , I have not ever seen nobody like that!! I do not have nothing agains them just be aware , not all are the same, I think!!

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